Our Mission

Providing youth with quality mentoring through academic guidance, social and emotional learning, service learning and experiential learning opportunities.


Inspiring and preparing our youth to live a satisfying life and have a promising future.

Be SMART Principles-

Our work involves helping our students internalize a core set of principles, used as a guide to turn positive thoughts into positive action!

  1. Be Self-Aware: It’s your ability to notice your feelings, your physical sensations, your reactions, your habits, your behaviors, and your thoughts.
  2. Be Mindful: Being someone who pays attention in order to learn, grow and make good decisions.
  3. Be Accountable and Authentic: Be willing to accept responsibility for your actions. Being someone with confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities.
  4. Be Responsible: Doing something you are expected to do, doing the things you are supposed to do, and taking the praise or the blame for something you have done
  5. Be Tenacious: Being someone with a vision, constantly working to achieve this vision.