We have so much to be grateful for...graduations, program successes and fundraising events!

Meet our 2022 Towers Path to Success Scholarship Recipients

Gecarlrie Godsey- Founding Member of Towers since 2015, is going to Clark Atlanta this fall.

Isaiah Porter- Member of Towers since 2016, is going to University of Illinois- Champagne-Urbana this fall.

Adam Myers- Founding Member of Order My Steps, is going to Illinois State University this fall.

Our High School Students Order My Steps into College

We are so grateful for Ms.Granger and for her continued service to our youth. We are so proud of her for developing and implementing Order My Steps for our high school students!

Ms. Granger was our founding mentor in 2015. In 2021, Ms. Granger implemented Order My Steps to support our high school students, as they embark upon a new phase of their life. Order My Steps students engage in college prep work, life skills, financial literacy and so much more, to succeed in high school, college and beyond.