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What is our Circle of Success?

Our Circle of Success is designed to move students through a structured program beginning in 5th grade, on to high school, through college and into a desired career. The ultimate goal is for our student members to evolve through our programs and one day become mentors themselves.

Our circle never ends and is never broken. We open it to welcome new members committed to excellence.

Our circle begins with our middle school program where our students join in 5th grade and loop with their small groups through 8th grade. Our students graduate to our high school program Order My Steps. They are eligible to apply Towers Path to Success our higher education scholarship program. The next circle is supporting our students as they transition into the career and ultimately return, in some capacity, as a mentor in our program.

Middle School Program

Designed to support academically, socially and emotionally.

High School Program

Designed to help support personal growth through service learning, internship and youth mentoring opportunities.

Path to Success- Higher Ed Scholarship

Designed to provide financial and mentor support as our students pursue a higher education.

Career Readiness Program

Details coming soon!

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