We had so much to celebrate in 2022!

Years of Growth and Accomplishments:

  • Our End of the Year Celebration. We had over 70 students, staff and families join us to celebrate our students hard work and success.
  • Our first cohort of students graduated high school and are off to college in the fall 2022.
  • We have grown from 6 to 42 students, from 2 to 8 mentors, a new ED for our high school program, Order My Steps, a on-site logistics coordinator
  • We have graduated 4 cohorts to high school in high quality and selective enrollment schools through Chicago.
  • GPA from 3.3 to 3.7. Median GPAs of Towers students- 2.9 (2016), 3.2 (2017), 3.6 (2018), 3.6 (2019) and 3.7 (2020)
  • RIT Score to Percentile Rank Conversion, our students average rank from 2015-2020, 72% in Reading and 78% in Math versus overall school population ranked 44% in Reading and 37% in Math (after 28 weeks of instruction). Our budget has grown from $50,000 (2016) to over $200,00 (2021).
  • We started with a single angel supporter but since then have had more than 100 individuals and over 30 entities support Towers, with 5 major support entities.