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Winter Donor Feature: Thompson Coburn, LLP and Matt Landwehr

We are so excited to introduce our donor feature- Thompson Coburn, LLP and Matt Landwehr. In 2019 we were selected as Thompson Coburn's annual charity. Throughout the year they raised funds to help us further our mission. Their generosity and dedication to making a difference in their communities is exemplary. We are honored and grateful for their service.
A big thank you to Matt Landwehr, Partner at Thompson Coburn, and Towers of Excellence board member. Matt practices in the areas of state and local tax (SALT) controversy, banking and financial services litigation, business litigation and appellate.
His SALT controversy work involves representing taxpayers before Missouri and Illinois state and local taxing authorities in corporate income, franchise, sales/use, property and other tax controversies. He has successfully resolved SALT controversies from audits and assessments through appeals, and has also prosecuted numerous large refund claims. Matt has experience in all facets of SALT litigation, and has handled administrative tax appeals before the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission, Missouri State Tax Commission, Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal, Illinois Informal Conference Board and other state and local administrative tribunals and agencies.
Matt's banking and financial services litigation and business litigation practices cover a wide range of disputes including lender liability, check collection and check fraud, and other aspects of the Uniform Commercial Code, as well as contract, real estate, fraud, non-compete, medical practice breakups and peer review proceedings, officer fiduciary and company dissolution and accounting. Matt has tried cases in the state and federal trial courts in Missouri and Illinois, and handled appeals before the Supreme Court of Missouri, Illinois Supreme Court, the Missouri and Illinois Courts of Appeal and the United States Courts of Appeal for the Seventh and Eighth Circuits.
Matt is a former law clerk to the Honorable Duane Benton of the Supreme Court of Missouri, a former Missouri Director of Revenue who currently serves as Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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Watchtower Security

$20,000 - $49,999

Chicago Baseball and Education Academy

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CLA Grant Award

$1,000 - $4,999

The Smith Family
Andy Nastoupil
The Landwehr Family
Ryan Stevens & Fairway Management
Johanna Probst
The Epstein Family

$500   - $999    

Axis Communications
Todd Birkenholz
The Landwehr Family
Dan Thieret
Kevin Laune
Dave Collins
Ryan Poertner
Olympus Property
William Bredenkoetter
Edward Dehner
The Chuck Cook Foundation
Bruce Schnieder & Schneider Industries

$250   - $499    

Dillon Alexander
Reid Christie
The Bob Green Family
David Marcinkowski
Caleb Sheppard
Brent Sobol
Brain Hey
The Burnett Family
Doug Auer & Third Degree
Veteran's Care Coordination
Christopher Augmon Fine Jewelry
Meghan Meehan
Bill Bredenkoetter
Wayne Klenke
Bradley Butler

$150   - $249    

Matt Skarin
The Debold Family
Carolyn Thompson
The Mitchell Family
The Kurlowski Family
The Lipp Family
The Miller Family
Jeff Locker
John and Dale List
James Lang

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Greg Hoffmeyer
Chris Kolb
Scott Mortimer
Chris Emmengger
Mike Clark
Kevin McCulloch
Phillip E Bogucki
The Green Family
The Gogel Family
James Mealey
Thomas Keefe III
Marcio Guzman
The Craig Family
The Mirretti Family
The Brown Family
The Ray Family
Thomas Emmons
Jacob Resch
Andrew Pieplow
The McGuire Family
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Kasey Morris
Alan Boime
Cary Wilson
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Joe Denos
Jim Chadd
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Jeremy Novak
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Michael Bakermann
Steve Stodnick
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Charlie Smith
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David Webb